Selecting a Fireplace for Your Home

milton keynes fireplaces and stovesFireplaces have been extremely popular in the UK for many hundreds of years as they offer fantastic heat and a form of relaxation.

With so many different styles and types of fireplaces on the market today, it can be extremely tough to know which one suits your home.

There are three main fireplace types, and they are electric, wood or propane fireplaces. For the wood fireplaces you need a consistent supply of dry wood to top up the fire, while electric fires just need an electrical supply and propane fires require a constant supply of the propane gas, which is typically in a large tank outside the home.

To make your decision on the best fuel type for your fireplace, it’s best to understand which fuel source works best for your home. If you have access to wood then that would help your decision for a wood fire. If there are suppliers in your local area for propane gas then that could be a good type of fireplace for you, however propane gas comes with its own costs. For electric fire how much electric does it take and how costly will it be.

Between the three types of fireplaces, there are three different types of installations associated.

The wood fireplace will need a chimney already in situ or can be installed that allows the smoke to properly ventilate from your rooms, which can make wood fireplaces more expensive to install over the other types.

Propane fireplaces do not need to be fitted within a walled area, they just need a simple pipe installation to feed the fireplace with propane gas and allow the fumes to get removed from your home.

Electric fireplaces can be extremely portable and do not really need any such permanent installation. However, it’s important the electric fireplace is clear from any flammable materials so it can safely operate.

The size of your fireplace is a considerable important factor in making your selection. A good installation requires a good amount of space to ensure the fireplace properly works and vent out the fumes and are safe and cannot burn anyone or anything. Typically, the smaller the room, the smaller the fireplace.

There are many different colours and designs of fireplaces available today, whether it’s conventional fireplace with a stone surround, or the unconventional but traditional wood burning stove.

The choice of fireplace depends on the decor that you currently have within your home and your own personal choice.

Choosing Wood Burning Stoves And Fireplaces in the Milton Keynes Area

There are many fireplace and stove expert companies that can help you with your fireplace selection and the installation and maintenance within the Milton Keynes area.


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